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  • Listening to: Iwan Reon *3*
  • Watching: Sailor Moon ... *w*
  • Drinking: WATER is good for the organism!! XD
I'm bad at writing Journals. D: 

German :3
♥♥ -…
  • Listening to: P!ATD <3
  • Drinking: WATER is good for the organism!! XD
Stole this from :iconhana-cake: <3~

please be honest ;A;
Thanks guys!♥


01. I like it when you draw: ___.
02. I like how you draw: ___.
03. I wish you drew more: ___.
04. I wish you drew more of (series/characters): ___.
05. My favorite part of your work is: ___.

06. I wish you drew less: ___.
07. I hate it when you ___.
08. You need to work harder on: ___.
09. My least favorite part of your work is: ___.

10. I would describe your work and/or style as: ___.
11. If I could have you draw anything at all, it'd be ___.
12. Any other comments?

(Feel free to copy/paste/reuse meme.)
  • Listening to: BEP-Time of my life
  • Watching: .... movies :'D but not in cinema haha
  • Playing: KATAMARI FOREVEEEEER on my boyfriends ps3 haha
  • Eating: cookies
  • Drinking: WATER is good for the organism!! XD

This is my wishlist for the Secret Santa game in the :iconittakestwobaby: group :la:

First, I'll tell you what I'd like to have most~ :icondelightfulplz:

♥ Ash & Misty (Pkmn)
♥ Gary & Misty (Pkmn)
♥ Naruto & Hinata (Naruto)
♥ Zelgadis & Amelia (Slayers)
♥ Cosmo & Wanda [Manga-Style] (Fairly Oddparents)
♥ YOUR style!
♥ selfdesigned clothes on the characters
♥ awesome backgrounds
♥ Everything that has to do with christmas
(that will make me happyyyyy :D)

& what I DON'T like~ :iconsaywhaplz:

> Akira Toriyama-style
> Drawnings with blood, Fight etc.
> Furrys (pokemons are okay :D)
> Drawnings without a background
> Drawnings made without love
(That will make me :iconcrying--plz:)

Anyway, I'll be happy of anything, I love presents, in any form and Style! (except the Akira-Toriyama XD)
(and I hope that you've understand everything in the journal, I'm not so good in English! X'D)
BTW, whoever becomes my Secret Santa, you don't have to do all these.... just do the ones that you know you can do :')

Have a great Christmas Time! :la: